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Friday, January 23, 2015

texting with my niece

The other day, my niece and I were having a meaningful conversation via text. She's 16. She's awesome.

She's my favourite, really.

(Don't tell the nephews!)

Anyhoo, she has a pottery bench for sale that she built at school. She wanted to know if I knew anyone that wanted to buy it. If I did, then SHE would buy it, and hopefully sell it at a profit. But there was no point in HER buying it, if she couldn't then sell it.

She doesn't have any personal need for a pottery bench.


Amusingly for her, her favourite aunt (don't tell the others) is bottom-lip-deep in sociological studies. And also a little protective of her favourite niece.

There was kind of a pause on her end.

I could feel that her one eyebrow was raised, waiting for an explanation.

She knows I'm weird.

It's why she loves me.

I felt this was an important teaching moment.

My mistake. No child labour happening here. 

So I switched sides.

Like I said - she's awesome. I adore her.

Happy Outrage-Free Friday to you!


Anonymous said...

Ha ... great blog ... No chikld labour like making children carry tables and chairs .....

Patti said...

oh i know who yoooouuuuu are, anonymous!

It's not child labour. It's leadership training and mentoring.


old_black said...

I remember way back in early high school (1966?) when our school was in a poor state of repair. The principal had us year 7s constructing a brick retaining wall under his direction! Somehow the press heard about this and a member of the public read the article and complained - not that we were being exploited, but that professional bricklayers were being put out of work. I guess he/she had a point, but we thought it was fun. It was nearly time for the long summer holiday and our formal lessons were finished for the year, so this was much better than something like reading the Shakespeare play set down as the text for next year :-)

Patti said...

You probably learned a few good bricklaying skills too!