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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

grumpy pastor

Ugh, the grumpies are getting to me. Not people. Just grumpy reactions on my part to various things, building into an all-around grumpy demeanour.

It's not my best look.

I could blame it on the fact that I lost five pounds --- yesterday --- due to a case of the flu that knocked me from the top of the world to unmoving on the couch within about 40 minutes.

I'm feeling better now.
Working from home today, just in case.

I could blame it on the continual moments of "how can this be happening" with Ukraine ... ISIS ... government ... news ... bureaucracy in various places ....


I'm definitely not blaming it on the cold. The cold is sans precipitation and (I think) aligned with high barometric pressure. If it was warming and thawing and snowing, my head would be pounding. And it's not. So I'm OK with the cold.

It could just be that I have slightly more on my plate than I want to have, and I know we have a vacation coming in a couple of months, and I just want it noooooooow.

Sorry for the whining.
Side-effect of the grumpies.

So. Enough of this grumpy nonsense.

I need to:

*Put on some jazz music.

*Get at least a few things DONE on my to-do list.

*Delete / avoid / ignore / delay the things that are soooo irking me but over which I have no control or influence.

At least for the moment.
Their day will come.

*Remind myself repeatedly that I have the life of my dreams, full of love and laughter and fulfillment and purpose.

*And find that oh-so-crucial place of thankful contentment that holds me steady in the present, even while I dream (or rant) about future possibilities.


Um, does anyone have any dark chocolate-covered almonds?


Anonymous said...

It must be that kind of day. I got into my chocolate stash and I do feel a little better. Having a grumpy day myself.

Anonymous said...

And you get heaven on the back end!!!!

RBH Brantford

old_black said...

Only yesterday I wrote in my diary that I was having an angry day. Not just grumpy. Perhaps it's contagious? I found a long walk and a good dose of J.S.Bach helped to sort me out.

Patti said...

Anonymous - I found two-bite brownies. They helped.

RBH - well, there's that too! :)

old_black - a long walk would be great but we're breaking cold-temperature records here, and I just don't have it in me right now. ;)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Hi Patti!! I hope you feel better soon and that the grumpies pass :)