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Thursday, February 19, 2015

tiny trauma

Have you seen these new "tiny homes"? I'm so intrigued by them.

Spike, not so much. It's not like we live in a big house now, but he can watch the Leafs or play his guitar while I read a book – we have room for both of those things at once. Plus we're both klutzes. Everything would break, very quickly.

He's probably right.

Still, I'm SO intrigued. The perfect floorplan, everything in its place, sunshine streaming in, and though they are tiny, they are beautiful. And no mortgage, in some cases!

No. Mortgage. 

Or at least a way smaller one.

Psychologists worrying about the possible trauma of living in a tiny space. 

Are. You. Kidding. Me. 

Listen, dislike it if you wish. Choose (because you can) to live in a giant home where the vacuuming never ends. Acknowledge that both you and your Spike tend to be animated while telling a story and need some arm-waving space. Fair enough.

If you buy one and then realize it's not for you ... move away. Or even just step outside onto the giant planet that is ours and get yourself a latte.

But let's not bandy about words like "trauma" when discussing living in a tiny, perfectly-appointed, safe and secure, beautiful home in the urban centre or wilderness of your choice. Mmm-kay?

mutters "trauma, pfft"
... snorts
... waves arms in disgust
... walks away


Linda McGillicuddy said...

Small sounds nice but when your husband is 6'5 1/2" tall small isn't a choice I have. hahahaha!!!

Patti said...

Linda - yep - your husband could NOT live in a tiny home. There would be significant injuries!

old_black said...

I can see the appeal of this - for a single person. Especially as so many people these days live so much of their life out of the home, and really just need a place to sleep and wash. I suppose it's especially appealing to me because I'm a misanthrope at heart and in such a small house I would have the perfect excuse to turn visitors away.

Patti said...

old_black - I think I could do it if I was single (love you, Spike!) And to me, enough money would be saved that it would be so simple to go out with friends, even put company up in a hotel if need be. If they're VERY CLOSE friends - they can fit for awhile in the tiny house. :)