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Monday, March 23, 2015

student delight

This weekend, I was doing some research for a paper I'm working on.

The prof allowed us to choose our own topic, but encouraged us to check it with him. When I did, he suggested three scholars I should look into, two by name, and ... "Um ... I can't remember his name ... uh ... he's at Ottawa University, I think ... does Ukrainian studies ... just Google him."

So I did. Double-checked a bit to see if the name I found was likely to be the guy my prof was thinking of. Looked down the list of his published papers, and found one that reviewed work by ANOTHER guy, describing him as a "towering figure in Ukrainian studies".

Thought to myself, "Hmmm, THAT name looks familiar." Glanced over at my bookshelf, and sure enough, there's one of his books, purchased years ago when I was searching for something - anything - about Ukrainian history.

Apparently it was a good buy.

This has been a delighted moment in the life of a nerd student.

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