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Thursday, April 30, 2015

little things

I've been on vacation. (Did you miss me?)

Yesterday, I dropped in to see a Board member and her family for half an hour or so. We talked about Important Things.

But it was the Little Things that made me smile.

Little Guy, upon answering the door: "Hi Patti! Are you a silver power ranger?" Proceeded to identify which colour power ranger his little sister, mom and dad each were.

A little later, his mom informed me that he still recites his Beatitude every night at bedtime.

A few months ago,
I offered prizes to any adults in the church
who memorized a Bible verse from the week before.
Little Guy overheard, and outshone most of them.

"Bwess-ed are da mur-see-ful ... forrrrrrrrrr ... dey wiw re-ceive mur-see."

He said it in front of the WHOLE CHURCH, and still remembers.

"It made Patti smile," he told his mom.

As I was getting ready to leave, Little Guy looked perturbed. "Hug and kiss, Patti!"

I complied.

Littler Sis ran up with Hoot-Hoot, the stuffed owl - "Hug and kiss!"

Then there was a suggestion that the same ritual should be carried out with Mom, and then Dad.

Adults smoothly deflected that one.

Zipped my new favourite high-heeled boots on, and headed out the door, with Dad calling behind me, "See ya, Patti! Kickin' boots, by the way!"

They know me soooooo well.

And now you know why I was a smiling pastor yesterday.

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BanjoSue said...

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of them that bring good news!.....