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Monday, May 11, 2015

the air i breathe

Well ... I'm simply gonna need to stop breathing for awhile.

Last night, a skunk must have sprayed right outside our bedroom window flooding the air within. Ugh. I ended up moving out to the couch, and still slept with a pillow over my face, waking up to cough at the stench every now and then.

Early this morning, the air outside was clear, but of course - full of spring pollen and other allergens that make me sneezy, exhausted and nauseous. I took a Claritin and opened the windows for a bit.

Then I burned some candles. Not the scented ones that I bought a few months ago - I discovered they make my throat itchy.

Ran the air conditioner, but I'm pretty sure that skunk smell is right in the system now. Or just stuck in my nose.

So a few hours later, I've opened the windows again, only to discover that the special steely-scent that is north-end Hamilton every now and again is part of today's air.


I've called a couple of companies for quotes on removing a skunk.

Meanwhile, if anyone has a lavender-scented oxygen mask I could borrow, that would be fantastic.


old_black said...

Cue Loudon Wainwright III!
(but I notice his Album III on which it appears may be before your time)

Patti said...

Haaaaa - I looked it up. Didn't know it, but that's a funny song.