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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

love my city

I'll admit that yesterday involved a lot of mental pacing. Some actual pacing as well. Forced myself to read a book and watch a movie, trying to avoid checking emails.

First day of vacation can be tricky. It takes a bit to go from top-speed to no-speed, and I knew I had to do a bit - *just a BIT* - of work this morning, so my brain refused to unwind.

But around noon today, as I walked out of my office, I felt my core muscles begin to physically relax, felt my mind take a step back, and my soul breathed deeply.


I can walk to this place from our in-the-city home in about five minutes.

And then I just kept walking. Couldn't believe how many of these bikes I saw, by the way. Wow, way to go Hamilton - definitely a hit!

This guy's on vacation too, I presume.

Some people really need to get completely out of the city to enjoy nature.

Me - I revel in the combined life of it all. A spring breeze ... dads fishing with their kids ... "did you step in the water, honey?" -- "yeessss" ... cranes (machines, not birds) rising into the sky, signifying new development ... tiny birds skipping across my path ... a few boats in the water already ... sounds of industry in the distance ...

I love looking at the water, with the train yard behind it, and the city behind that. A picture of life, lots of it, right there.


I love my city.

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Linda Lou said...

A city that has more that most people realize. Old churches. Stained glass window. Old doorways. Birds. Lots of birds. People. Lot of different people.Babies. Seniors. Teens. Kids of all ages. Thank you Lord for all of it!