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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

school prayer (not what you think)

My current course included a term paper worth 55% of the final grade, so I've been buried in that and in Easter for the last week or so.

"in Easter"
that was unintended :)

Plus Annual Business Meeting just prior to that.

At any rate, I blocked out everything else for the last two days, and finished up in the wee hours of this morning.

So I'd like to take this moment to offer thanks ...

... for the online citation machine which magically gets my reference list done with far less neck tension and eye strain than I do.

"Should this tiny colon be italicized?"

"Yes, but take out that comma.
It's completely WRONG,
and it's ruining EVERYTHING.
Ugh, you have FAILED."

... that Social Sciences uses APA referencing. Not the obvious evil of Chicago-style and Turabian footnotes that were the bane of my theological studies a few decades ago.

When "online" referred to laundry,
because what student in residence had money
for the coin-operated dryer??

Oh! And imagine this - although this particular paper involved a multi-page reference list, most of which involved thirty or more pages of reading, I literally only used three actual pieces of paper and a pencil to keep myself on track. All the rest was on a screen. Reading, researching, noting, highlighting, writing, editing. Did not enter an actual library. No actual paper until the final print-out.

Because the prof likes a hard copy.
I don't blame him.
Seriously, though,
I used to go to the library
and make millions of photocopies
to mark up, note, and discard.
Plus countless rough drafts.
Pre-recycling, I might add.
I literally only entered
McMaster's library *building*
for the first time
last year.
And that was for a meeting.

Oh! And one last moment of thanks.

Dear God, thank you that the due date was unexpectedly changed a couple of weeks ago from Easter Monday to Wednesday. I'm not sure what prompted the change. But I know I'm the only pastor in my class. (That's always true.)

So while Easter may just be a long spring weekend to others, it's ... EASTER WEEKEND for a running pastor.

And if I had had to get this paper done before the resurrection, I may well have needed that empty tomb myself.



Linda Lou said...

It looks like Easter definitely had a different meaning for you this year.I hope it will always be a reminder of what you accomplished. A job well done my friend.

old_black said...

I reckon Linda Lou's comment is spot on. Your completion of the task against the Easter odds is all the more worth celebrating.

Our ability to access resources without leaving home is a great 21st century achievement, for sure. Of course we now use the extra available time to squeeze more activities into our day (such as paid work) and the predicted age of leisure has never arrived.

Patti said...

thanks Linda Lou! :)

old_black you made me laugh - I remember HAVING to take "Leisure Education" in college, the premise being that tech was going to make all our lives easier and more leisurely, and we wouldn't know what to do with our spare time. I was only 18 at the time, but I remember thinking even then, "Won't we all just have to work harder, because we CAN? Why would employers choose to let us work LESS?"