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Monday, September 21, 2015

moving feels a little frantic

Things we learned on the weekend, and are trying to solve in an hour this morning over coffee.

#1 Although it only takes 6 hours to drive from Hamilton to Montreal, movers take the scenic route, moving others at the same time, and possibly visiting Disney on the way. It's a good thing we set aside two weeks to move - potentially, we're gonna need most of it. It's also a good thing we have an air mattress - potentially, we're gonna need that for a few days too, possibly in a very empty apartment.

#2 Our beautiful, open-concept little home that we LOVE technically only has one bedroom. Which means that it doesn't matter HOW beautiful it is, potential buyers set their preferences at two or more bedrooms, and if we list with one, nobody will even see the listing. So we have to put a second bedroom in. Right now.

#3 We have a beautiful, old, very heavy piano that we would be happy to give away. BUT - it's in the space where that second bedroom is going, and once the wall is up, the piano will never come out. So it needs to go just BEFORE the "right now" of #2. It needs to go immediately.

And I'm headed out of town to three days of meetings in a couple of hours. So Spike gets to handle all of it. He's super-excited about that. (No he isn't.) Oh yeah, and we're also transferring money in all directions to pay off the loan on a car we're selling; to pay half up front for the contractor; to put a deposit down on a mover; and we also need groceries.

All we have in the house is coffee and crackers.

Blowing a big kiss to Spike, who is my hero, handling all this stuff. If you happen to see him, could you maybe give him a standing ovation? Or lunch?


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