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Friday, February 26, 2016

hats and boots

Friday nights, our church has "The Gathering Place" - music, discussion groups, a chance to connect on a smaller scale than Sunday mornings. 

I do security. :)

People think it's weird.

Which makes me laugh. 

This week, I decided to sport one of our branded hats, just to see if anyone noticed. 

They did. One person thought I looked like a Christmas elf. 

Another said, "Oh, Pastor Patti, it's YOU! I thought it was a young lady opening the door!"

Nope, it's me...heeeyyyyy, wait a minute....!

It appears I may have started something. 

I was also wearing the best winter boots I've ever owned. Because, hello, I'm security; I might have to handle a "situation". Don't want to get cold feet. 

(See what I did there? "Cold feet"?)

The boots got a reaction too.

"That CAN'T be Pastor Patti! She wears high heels, not boots and a hat!"


We're still learning each other, this church and me. And having a few chuckles in the process. 

1 comment:

Linda McGillicuddy said...

I have not seen it anywhere that as "security" you can't look good and be warm too. Good for you!!!