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Saturday, February 06, 2016

meet Andie

So ...

This little package of delight joined our household last night.  

Her name is Andie. She's five months old.  

Last night, she sniffed every single square millimetre of our apartment, several times over. 

And then she sniffed the air. 

All night long. 

She was too distracted by the puppy in the mirror to sleep much, bouncing joyfully over to meet the puppy bouncing just as joyfully in her direction. 

She's very bouncy.

And everything is new. 

And it's exhausting to move to a new family. 

Night-night, Andie. 


Denise G said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! :)

Michael said...

The bounciness reminds me of the first day you met my daughter Cadence.. Heheh

silvana Koenig said...

Hi Pastor Patti, it was such a honor to get to know a bit from you and your family including your cute dog. Bless you and Jeff,
Silvana Koenig