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Sunday, January 31, 2016

iPad preacher

Friday, my printer wouldn't work properly. Couldn't print my multi-coloured, highly organized notes for Sunday morning.

So ... Enough already. It's 2016 and all that. Use the iPad, for goodness' sake.

You understand
that if I swipe wrong
or something crashes mid-Sunday morning,
it's not gonna be pretty, right?

Paper doesn't crash.
Or swipe in the wrong direction.
Just sayin. 

But the printer wouldn't print. And I like tech, basically. How bad could it be?

Dear God,
thank you for the pastor-friend
who walked me through the app I needed,
and didn't mock me (out loud).  

So everything worked just fine this morning. Small moment of panic during the music when I remembered I needed to turn off the auto-off and couldn't remember how. Thankful for Media Dude who responded to my whispered request for help, also without mocking (to my face).

Thought I hid my anxiety well, but maybe not. 

Found out later that our Music Dude had a back-up plan, should anything go wrong, to snatch the extra notes from the Power Point operator and vault over rows of chairs (with people in them), to ensure that I would receive any necessary backup notes within seconds. 

That would have been interesting.

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