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Saturday, March 04, 2017

testing, 1 ... 2 ...

Hey ... :)

So it's been awhile.

But life is so good. I'm SO very grateful, truly.

We moved into a beautiful condo, perhaps the loveliest place we've ever lived. I still miss our giant back yard, with its gardens and hammock and private, ramble-y, slightly overgrown feel. I miss our north-end neighbours. But ... that's ok. We have scads of sunshine in this new place, and we're in a city that is filled with ramble-y adventures and #MontrealMoments, so I'm not complaining.

Not even a little bit.

I've discovered dumplings, and last week had them IN Chinatown. Before moving to this city, I didn't know dumplings were a thing, as in "let's go for dumplings". Dear merciful heavens above, I have been MISSING OUT. It's possible I have a mild dumpling addiction now.

I'm ok with that.

And spring is coming.

My favourite season.

Plans are being made to head to Ukraine soon, so I'm all a-twitter about that.


And The Boy and I managed to assemble a chest of drawers this weekend from Ikea, without significantly damaging our marriage.

Impressive, right?

Anyway. I've missed you. Hope you're well! đŸ˜€

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