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Monday, July 24, 2017

a soapbox and a sports analogy

Every now and then, I pull out a soapbox, step up onto it, delicately clear my throat, and express what's on my mind. Ever so gently.

Through a bullhorn.

Last week was one of those times.

Actually, it was two of those times.

If you missed the two written expressions of what was on my mind, they are just below this one. The first was called, "chocolate, coffee & conversations". The second was called, "this is happening".

Shorter (less-nuanced) versions
were threaded on Twitter.

A lot of people responded. And boatloads of people read it. Those two posts may have been my two most-read posts in all my years of blogging, by far.

Miracle-of-Note: Not one person messaged me to say that women can't or shouldn't be Lead Pastors in #PAOC.


Soooooo ... this is happening.

And I'll leave you with this.

For now. You never know.
I might have more to say later.

Local churches: The ball's in your court.
District offices don't choose your pastors.
National office doesn't choose your pastors.
You do.


*lowers bullhorn, steps gently off soapbox, carries on with previously scheduled day*

#NeedforLeads #yeswomencanbepastors #yesLeadPastors #thisishappening #sharefreely


Anne Yank said...

Can I park my soapbox next to yours? :)

patti said...

Anne - Yes, of course! Lots of room!