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Thursday, November 08, 2007

he's not so bad after all

(in the spirit of the guest contributers on Sheepdog's blog)

Look upon me with admiration. Point and whisper in awe.

For last night, I did tear around the living room, without warning. And those who claim to own me did holler at me to stop running around like a crazy cat.

And then they saw the reason.

For I did catch a mouse.

And I did hang onto it in my mouth, until a garbage bag had been brought unto me.

And I did then deposit its corpse into that same bag.

And then those who claim to own me apologized for calling me crazy, and they did treat me with renewed respect.

So, I say, look upon me with admiration, for I am Millhouse, Catcher of Mice.

(Now go away, or I shall bite thee.)


Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

haha! That's great!

hmm... wonder if Millhouse will calm down now that he has mice to catch...

Great pics, too. :)

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

P.S. I like the "claim" to own me part.

Kelly said...

I have the UTMOST admiration for Millhouse ...

I entered rooms where his presence did dwell and tossed offerings unto him ...

lest his anger toward me be shown!


Patti said...

Oh Kelly, I had forgotteneth about that.

If I remember correctly, the offerings were deemed unworthy, thus provoking his wrath?

chRistine s. said...

The coolest thing about all of that is that your cat's name is Millhouse.

mrv said...


I'm sitting here laughing to myself.

Oh, Patti, I love your humour.

I remember we had a cat named "Grover" was a great mouser.
He use to bring his loved ones "Me & Bob" live mice & birds from outside he caught. Suppose to be
a sign of affection from cats.

The fact that Millhouse would deposit said "mouse " in bag, says he might be more affraid of you then the mouse is of him lol.
Were you still screaming at him at that point? Is that why he dropped it in the bag, pure fear!!! hahahah

Yea Millhouse...good going!!!

Dougie G said...

That's funny! Millhouse can put another knotch in his collar now. I'll bet he was in cat heaven after that, and you will rest a little easier knowing there is no more mouse in the house!

TLC said...

'Mouse in the house'

DougieG - that reminds me of "There's a wocket in my pocket" by Dr. Seuss. Too funny!

Joe said...

Our cat Cafe had a little friend over at the house a few nights ago. There was much time playing her favourite game... cat and mouse... although the mouse, whom our cat failed to introduce us to, was getting pretty tired... no, ugly tired. Eventually the little critter had to go home. Our cat not knowing the visit was over took an hour thinking they were now playing hide and seek. In time she went to her litter box and totally forgot about her friend. At least until the following night when she thought she heard her friend scratching at the kitchen stove.