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Friday, November 23, 2007

talk it out

New poll at the left, and I'm betting we'll get 100% on all the choices.

i.e. "Oh sure, that's a good idea, after-school tutoring!"

So the REAL question is ... what would YOU do with the gym? Not, what would be a good idea for other people to lead and participate in?

i.e. "What's that now? You want ME to tutor a kid? Or provide a snack? Or clean up after? Ohhhh..."


If you have other ideas, feel free to add them in!


Sheepdog said...

If the gym was made available for community meetings, there would have to be some protocols put in place to ensure that the space remains safe and secure. (figures I would say that, eh. :) )

But it's still a good idea. There could be ways to use it to serve the community, involve them, and perhaps even bring in some income for the church.

Joe said...

"what would you do?" was the question...

Are you volunteering for a particular program?

Myself, not having seen the property, except for a few pictures, doesn't really give me enough of the layout of the facility to judge its potential possibilities/problems.

Though if we are just dreaming before we get the vision...

mrv said...

I think potentionally it would be good to rent out the space if possible, but then again another
question would be who's going to be on the hook for clean up and opening and locking up the church.
However, I suppose if enough income
comes it could cover a full time custodian and any extra liability insurance that might be needed.

Although I have not seen it im sure it is all the large to do too much with, supper and story I would

As far as tutoring, I guess that would be depending on who is doing the tutoring and to whom and why in the church lol

Way too many questions lol

mrv said...

Correction on my blog statement

*Although I have not seen it, I'm not sure it is all that large to do too much with, supper and story I would think would be great there.

Dougie G said...

That's why we have a sheepdog. To keep us safe and secure!

I think the gym could be used for "all of the above". It's a good facility that could be used for church social events, fund raisers, Georges workout place,community events, wedding receptions (revenue$$$), bazaars,intermural sports like badminton/volleyball/basketball- we could have teams and compete with each other or with some of the neighborhood kids. That will be fun! The men will win though. I thought I would bury this sexist comment in the middle of my remarks so Patti wouldn't see it.( you know I'm kidding)... We'll need someone to look after the building and can coordinate all this wonderful stuff and be there when needed.Some retired person with lot's of time on their hands.
I'm looking forward to the move. Are we any closer yet?

Patti said...

"The men will win though. I thought I would bury this sexist comment in the middle of my remarks so Patti wouldn't see it."


It's not sexist if I'm the one playing whatever sport you might name. I don't win at sports!!!

And dougie...if it was a REAL sexist comment...trust me, I'd see it, no matter how deep it was buried.


Patti said...

joe - we're just dreaming out loud! details always follow dreams!

Sheepdog said...

If we did some sport thing, it would be nice if women were allowed to participate. I would have really liked to play floor hockey but it was only for men. :(

Dougie - who says that the teams would be divided according to gender in the first place, huh? Maybe they would be divided according to age... Or maybe... maybe some of us who are sneaky would form a team and practice surreptitiously and then trounce your team -hehe

Be vewy vewy careful....


chRistine s. said...

i think community meetings would rock! not that it matters what I think, seeing as I do not attend Crossfire... hehe

Dougie G said...

I just enjoy stirring the pot occasionally. If we have teams they will probably be co-ed, because at Crossfire we practise rib language! ( as Dougie G gets a pat on the back from the pastor)
But the team I am on will win!
Floor hockey would be fun. I might let sheepdog win cause she bites when she's mad! hahaha

Patti said...

I am having involuntary shudders go through me at the thought of playing a team sport....


This will SO NOT be something I am a part of!!!!

But more power to the rest of you!

Meredith said...

The fitness thing for sure -- the schedule of that would have to be right though to ensure people could actually make it and not just those who happen to have large chunks of time

There are churches in Toronto sponsoring bikes that use the energy generated and turn it into electricity -- how neat would that be?

And of course.... every type of disgusting Jr. High event you can do in a gym! Liver wars and flour catapults.... (and no, not leaving THAT mess even for a custodian... some things are too much!)

Patti said...

Liver wars??!!

That is a special kind of disgusting!!!!!