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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the end of the story

My back-to-school story is boring me.

When you are boring yourself, you should stop. It's a rule that I have. Mostly I apply it to preaching, but it's a rule with other uses as well. Like blogging, for instance.

So, here's the end ... er... the beginning of the story.

I'm going back to school. Part-time. At McMaster University. To study Sociology. Because it interests me. I will graduate - again - when I am 82.

(Pause for you to sigh in relief that you don't have to plow through anymore mindless babble to learn that crucial bit of information.)

And why am I in such a hurry today? Because painters who were coming tomorrow just phoned to say, "Hello, Meesis Meelir? We gonna come today, if tha's OK wit you."

I used my relaxed voice to say calmly, "Oh sure, that is just fine."

And then dashed to get out of my jammies, into some clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth, clean up yesterday's used-for-bacon frying pan, and most importantly, make some coffee.

Gotta run!


Sheepdog said...

Not boring at all. I'm happy for you, that you are doing this. Way to go!

Meredith said...

let's see.. yearlong sociology course.. here's hoping you get bumped up to third year.. and then that's ten measly courses to graduate.

do one course a semester (two a year) and in a grand total of six years you're home free (or even quicker with summer or letter-of-permission online courses).

(i have WAY too much experience figuring this part time stuff out).

vjc said...

It didn't seem like mindless babble. I was beginning to suspect you were going to be studying writing and starting with a suspense novel though :).

Graduating at 82, eh? I'll mark my calendar for the graduation party.

Way to go!

jarod said...

that is such a good life rule! I had never even THOUGHT of that! My mind is blown. There are SO many things I start or do that begin to bore me, and I continue on...why didn't anyone tell me I could just STOP doing them....

goodbye showers!
goodbye fitness!
goodbye doonsbury!

ok...got carried away. but still...

Bob said...

good rule for pastors to have IF they are amoung the first to become bored.

I always have had admiration for anyone who could work full time & go to school.

I once had a supervisor spent 10 getting his BSc through night courses. He & his family sacrificed a lot for that degree.

He always said it was worth it & encouraged me to take the same route to a degree but to me the degree never seemed worth the effort & sacrifice.

Patti said...

Jarod! You over-apply! No, no, no. When your story is boring yourself, stop telling it.

Other areas are less dependent on your level of interest, and more dependent on ... say ... how much hot water you have available.