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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

testing, testing

Saturday, Spike and his also-roofer friend re-roofed part of our house. The addition to the original house. The "new" part. Which, it appears, is possibly 80 years old, judging by the material under the shingles, which was NOT plywood. The part which seems to be less than watertight, although one can never fully tell.

They iced-and-watered every conceivable edge, including all the way around the skylights.

They bought a tub of stuff that looked like Vaseline and slathered it liberally over every crevice.

They emptied entire tubes of caulking into tiny holes that might lead somewhere.

I returned home at the end of someone else's moving day, and they were just finishing up. Trying to be encouraging, I commented, "Wow, that looks good."

They turned to me and replied, "It looks exactly the same as it did before. But hopefully this time it won't leak."

And today - judging by the sky - the rains will come.

Testing, testing.


Anonymous said...

May your bottom regions remain Sahara-dry.


Don G said...

I'm thankful for the sound roof over my head. It's the leaky basement that caused all the problems. Now you can be doubly thankful:you're all sealed up, top and bottom.

TLC said...

Well...is everything inside dry today??

Patti said...

yup. dry!

TLC said...

Yay!! The peasants rejoiced!

Meredith said...

That's great. I'm glad to hear.

Its good when something looks just the same as before, but you know underneath it's structurally sound.

jarod said...

hoping and praying that this storm does not push the limits of the new repair too far

Patti said...

we are DRY!!! yay!!!!!