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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

jimmy legs

I feel petty. Ridiculous.

I have given myself all sorts of speeches. "Oh, come on, now, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Just GO BACK TO SLEEP!"

Spike has produced loudly annoyed sighs in the dark, until I dramatically fling back the blankets, and hurl myself out of bed to commence leg stretches, hopefully without fully awaking either him or me. I get back in bed. We go back to sleep. I wake up. Twitch and stretch. Spike sighs. More blanket flinging, this time to go find the bottle of Advil.

It's the jimmy legs.

Now, to be clear, I do not have limbs flinging involuntarily in all directions. No one has been injured. (One person told me their jimmy legs threw their own body right out of bed one night. I don't have that.)

Here is what I have. That restless, itchy, tickly feeling that just won't go away. If I was actually running these days, I would tell you it's from a lack of stretching. And so I stretch. Over and over again. I walk. I sit. I stand. I wear different shoes. I go to bed. The above drama ensues, until I take an Advil.

And I get very crusty, my friends, very crusty indeed when my sleep is interrupted.

A few weeks ago, it seemed to back off. I slept blissfully, deeply. Aaahhhh. And then it came back.

And I realized - I took a Claritin that day. Hmmmm.

At the most intense of allergy seasons, I only take a Claritin every other day, at the most. My tolerance for any drugs is fairly low. Taking Claritin every day gives my contact lenses the texture of autumn leaves, and my voice the scratchy sound of raking them up. (I don't know. It's a metaphor, and a poor one at that.)

So I've stopped taking Claritin. And I've backed off the coffee. I'm not sure if it's solving anything. Except now I'm all headachey and snotty and doggone dragged out.



vjc said...

Do you know about Restless Leg Syndrome? (I mean it sounds like you do but did you know it can be a syndrome?) It can be linked to anemia or stress or other things, too. It's no fun.

Of course, neither is being headachey and snotty and doggone dragged out. And yet you manage to retain your charm. I hope you get some sleep soon - and not in sociology class.

Meredith said...

it is uber-simple, but i find i get restless legs if i haven't walked/ran a certain distance in a day.

perhaps going for a run on the days you have claritin could help?