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Friday, February 12, 2010

opening ceremonies

Opening ceremonies for the Olympic games are tonight, at 9 PM my time.

As a local radio host wryly commented this morning... "40 million dollar show. You should watch it. After all, you're paying for it."

I'm not a huge Olympics watcher, off the top. I do think it's cool. It's very inspiring. The athletes are really, quite wonderful. It's just that I ... well, I forget to care. The closer we get to the end of the games, the more interested I am, because then the media has told me what I'm excited about, and that's always helpful.

Last time, the whole China thing kind of put me off.

But you know what's nice this time?

I'll tell you.

A time zone that is remotely close to my waking hours.

Because that's what the Olympics are all about - me and my non-negotiable need for sleep.

Go Canada!


Anonymous said...

you know what you need-a kid! just some random child will do-it's funny how their interest in something you'd never ever look at becomes your interest just in the hopes of not totally looking stupid or out of touch...that can happen without you trying!!!!!!!

chRistine said...

did you hear that bill carroll is moving to Los Angeles?

chRistine said...

oh - and yes, the whole olympic thing...

Patti said...

i DID!! just a little while ago!!!

wow. good for him.