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Thursday, May 13, 2010

for J-Rod

My friend J-Rod (that's what Spike calls him, I think) and I were having a conversation last night. Actually, it was a continuation from last week. To be perfectly truthful, I think it's going to be ongoing.

Last week, as I absently used giant paper clips to hold my too-long hair out of my face and muttered things like, "My kingdom for a haircut," (as if I have a kingdom worth a haircut) J-Rod innocently inquired as to why I didn't just go and get one. (A haircut, not a kingdom.) I explained, reasonably enough, that my hairdresser was on vacation. He looked at me blankly, and finally ventured, "... and ... you wouldn't just go to ... someone else?" I looked at him just as blankly, replying with an incredulous, "No!"

And then we both burst our laughing, recognizing our differences in world view.

Last night we discussed further differences regarding tomatoes, raspberries and mustard. He feels pretty strongly about mustard, for the record. You are welcome to weigh in on this discussion, if you like.

We agreed on strawberry shortcake with spoosh*, so our friendship is intact. Phew.

*spoosh: whipped cream in a can; the double "o" is pronounced as it is in "book" not as it is in "oops". Info I thought you should know.


Lynda said...

I can't think of anything that tomatoes, raspberries, and mustard have in common, except they're all in the food category, so don't feel able to weigh in - very heavily anyway - on whatever discussion took place about them.

Like 'em all, but not together. I am finding I like mustard more and more.

Have not really liked ketchup for some time, it being ruined by scenes of humans burying perfectly good food under it, and the fact that it's full of sugar.

But mustard's good. Got some edge to it. Especially the kind with horseradish in it, which is a new thing I find I'm liking, much to my own amazement.

And my haircut's on Tuesday. Having waited an extra month for the hairdresser I want. Which is, apparently, foreign to J-Rod's world. Which - um - clearly must be a man's world.

Patti said...

mustard with horseradish ... hmmm ... i dunno ...

happy haircut! :)