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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sound and light

I've started my summer class, as of last week. Bit of an adjustment there, with two full evenings a week sitting in a classroom.

Can I just ask a question here? When did students get night-vision? And where can I get it? One of the discoveries I made upon returning to the world of academia, was that lights are not my friend anymore. Classrooms are dimmed. Perhaps it's because people believe they can't see the Power Point if the lights aren't on - which isn't really true, IMHO. Or perhaps it's due to the 50% that are taking notes on their laptops, which provide their own light. But for us pen and paper types, we who love bright task lighting while we work - geez, turn on the lights already!

As I confess my thoughts here, I realize that people from my current class may follow me from the class blog to this space, and so I shall be kind.

Last night, our class was moved to a different room, in a different building. It's an old building, and the room was a bit eerie, with a heavy metal door and blacked out windows. But the lights had only an "on" or "off" option, and "off" was out of the question, so I was a happy camper in that regard.

But apparently the heating / fan system in that room is based on the acoustics of a jet engine. Every 38 seconds ... "whooo .... ooooo ... OOOO ... OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Then it shuts off. Then 38 seconds later it comes on again. The prof had to literally raise her voice each time, and couldn't hear our responses unless she left the podium and walked further into the classroom space. As someone who speaks for a living ... wow, that would really annoy me. Who in the heck thought that would work in a classroom?

Ah well. I'm not a speaker in that space. I'm a listener.

And the lights are on.

So it's all good.

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