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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

no disrespect intended

i'm giggling, and i must preface this post with a "no disrespect intended" disclaimer, and end it with a "now don't get all ranty on me" admonishment.

first of all, my thanks to kelso for 3 guest posts that caused a number of you to spew coffee. you know they are good posts when that happens.

last night in my class, we were discussing this article from a few months ago that talked about would-be teachers who fake religion (specifically of the catholic genre) in order to get a job at a catholic school. because in general, there are more teachers than jobs, and so desperate times call for desperate measures.

discussion ensued. do i join the discussion or do i not? i wasn't going to. and then i did anyway. i was feeling saucy. i explained that i'm not catholic. not even a little bit. i'm certainly not against catholics, although recently, the Vatican put out this reminder that i'm a "serious canonical crime" and i'm thinking of getting that put on a t-shirt.

anyhoo, i put my two cents into the discussion, after explaining that i'm a (not catholic) protestant pastor who would probably be a little bit irritated at someone faking my faith in order to get a job. (recognizing that the public funding part of the discussion adds a whole new piece to that pie, and i wasn't going down that road.)

the whole discussion was fairly light-hearted and respectful, but i suspected it would come back to bite me. and it did.

at the break, i wandered down towards the vending machines, pondering the spiritual meaning of m&m's versus twix. or would i rather get an iced tea? hmmmmm. saw a fellow student coming down the hall, one who had differed in opinion from me. she paused, and then blurted out - "i'm not evil or anything! it's just that ... " and although i laughed, and reminded her that i'm not catholic, and i don't really care that she thinks differently than me, i'm pretty sure her guilt mechanism was in full force. i get that. we pentecostal-protestants have a fairly active guilt mechanism at times too.

i'm thinking of setting up a protestant confessional in between classes ... just for such times as this ... whaddaya think?

now don't get all ranty on me, ok?


chRistine said...

our church hires an HRDC student to help our children's pastor each summer. public money pays for that, and we have to have a "legal" interview - and yet we seem to be allowed to ask questions that leave room for spiritual discussion. and, interestingly enough, we've tended to hire people with a similar bent as our children's ministry team.

would I be annoyed if someone "faked it"? my first response is, "i suspect most do"... but seriously? i think an agnostic faking a walk with god would reflect a character attribute i wouldn't be interested in - but i also think public money means you shouldn't discriminate based on religion.

that would have been an AWESOME debate at school.

Brian said...

Sign me up for a T shirt so we can get the bulk rate . . . better yet I'll source them for you it'll be cheaper. ;-)

D_Morrison said...

I often wonder how many people "fake" being christian in general in order to work where I work Patti. I am not going to make and accusations nor will I make any guesses...still...it makes me wonder.

For the record I work for Christian Horizons. Inter-Faith ministry assisting people with excptional needs. I'm a DSW

Anonymous said...

I am happy God gets the last say on judging fakeness.

Sheepdog said...

I like the t-shirt idea.

I'm glad the woman came to speak to you at the vending machine and that you laughed. I think those little moments are bigger and more important than we think.

I love Anonymous' comment "I am happy God gets the last say on judging fakeness." I wholeheartedly agree.