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Monday, July 26, 2010

groundhogs and other important things

There are some Matters of Great Importance taking place this week.

First, on Saturday morning, Spike and I were sitting outside discussing some of the finer points of quantum physics in relation to chocolate for breakfast, when all of a sudden we both stopped talking and exclaimed, "WHAT was THAT???"

It was a groundhog. I know this, because later in the day when I was all by myself, he came out again, and then scooched under the deck. If I moved really slowly, I could lean back and see a nose and one eye peeking out from under the deck, about two feet away from me. We eyed each other for awhile, until finally he worked his way out, stood up on his hind feet and said hello. I presume it was hello. I don't speak groundhog. He could have been swearing at me for all I know. But I don't think so. He posed for several pictures, which are on my phone. I don't know how to get pictures off my phone. So I give you a pic that I googled - it looks like my new friend. He is very cute. And I love him.

Second, here is my to-do list for the next couple of weeks. Finish a paper today, hand it in tomorrow. Frantically catch up on a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of school reading. Create study notes. Study them. Write a final exam (next Thursday). Don't cry for me. This is what I live for, no matter how much I complain. Then I may contact a couple of guest lecturers whom I found really interesting, and glean further knowledge from them. (I know. I'm a nerd. That's been established already.)

Third - and most importantly - tomorrow is the day for which I have been waiting. It is a big day. Don't get in my way on this day, for when I head out the office door (a little bit early, I confess), I am going to GET A HAIR CUT and nothing shall deter me. I missed the last one, which was a bit traumatizing. Now I look like the Bugs Bunny sheepdog, lifting my hair with one hand so I can see where I'm going. Spike likes it. I don't know what to tell him, because IT IS STILL GETTING CUT, although I love him very much. More than the groundhog, even.

Oh, also a little friend and I did our toenails on Saturday night. Mine are deep, dark red now, which is a little startling when I look down. Again, my camera isn't working, so I was going to google you a pic. But it turns out there's a disease or condition called "red toenail" and having just googled pics of it, I am heartily grossed out.

You'll just have to imagine my startling toes.


Sheepdog said...

Quantum physics in relation to chocolate... who else but Patti and Spike would have that conversation? :)

Your startling toes are lovely. Perfectly done (not that I got down and examined closely).

Your hair doesn't look good.

Did I say that?

And I think it would be fun (for the rest of us if not for you) if you spiked the top of your hair. (Okay, really it would look ridiculous, but I know you are not taking me seriously)

Have a wonderful day off, busy as you are.

Anonymous said...

For a second there I thought you were talking about an experience akin to the movie, "Groundhog Day". Well, I guess anything's possible, but not necessarily welcomed.

I haven't seen your hair so I have no comment, which, coming from me, is quite a surprise.

Anyhoo, the groundhog is cute. Little rascal! And apparently friendly. Chances are your home is one of the very few on your block that would welcome him. The others would probably shoot him. :0P

Anonymous said...

ps: No comment on the toes. I'm sure they look great and won't make anyone gag.

Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks good too. As do your toes.

But I know the hair's bothering you, and I know how fabulous it feels to get one's hair done.

Enjoy it.

And Spike'll like it. Long-married men are good that way. At least, if they know what's good for them.

All the other stuff of your to-do list - YIKES.

Cute li'l groundhog too. But near your garden? Cute might not last...


Patti said...

My hair has been cut!

I have a face again!!!


vjc said...

Red toe nails are surprising. But even more surprising is how long the startling colors will last compared to the demure shades.

When you said a little friend and you painted your nails I started checking the ground hog pic for proof. But apparently you don't love him that much yet?

Glad that you made it to the hair dresser. Not that I noticed a difference but I know it mattered to you when you missed the last one :)

Patti said...

Laughing ... no the "little friend" was of the human sort.