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Thursday, July 29, 2010

welcome home, Sarah!

The paramedics had to ask for directions to the hospital, which was only a few blocks away. Sarah had collapsed, and it turned out she was one sick girl. They told her parents repeatedly that she likely wouldn't make it.

She was unconscious for a long time. Once I just hung out with the princess, while Sarah's mom hung out in the ICU. Then one day, a few months into her stay, when her Mom and I came to visit, the nurse casually tossed out, "Look who's awake today!" As if that was normal. We were stunned to see Sarah's eyes open, and although she couldn't speak, she was definitely there. Her Mom cried and laughed over her, while I looked for a doctor who could explain how this had happened.

She got moved to a different facility, where they fell in love with her huge smile and unexpected sense of humour, then back to the hospital for a couple of surgeries and rehab. Doctors and nurses from ICU visited her, this miracle who hadn't died. A few weeks ago, I watched in amazement as she transferred herself from bed to wheelchair, and back to bed again.

Over 14 months ago, the paramedics had to ask for directions to the hospital.

Today, Sarah's parents are putting her in the car, and driving her home.

Welcome home, Sarah!


Sheepdog said...

This truly was a miracle.

Yay God!!!!!

Yay Sarah!!!!

a.s. said...

We are soooo excited for you Sarah and we can't wait for the day when your dream comes true and you walk into church all on your own!

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Sarah!!! You are one amazing trooper!!!

We so look forward to your grand entrance into CF!!!