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Thursday, September 09, 2010

it's all in the cheese

We had a mouse at work today.

That's not really shocking, as we've had a number of mice (and a number of their funerals), but it's still startling when one goes flying through the office at high speed.

We (and by we, I mean someone else) set a trap right where he runs.

He ran over it. Directly over it. A spring-loaded, state-of-the-art, loaded-with-peanut-butter trap. He ran right over it, and it didn't even notice.

The last sighting was right outside my office door. I spent the remainder of the afternoon using my laptop as a literal on-my-lap-top computer, with my feet propped on my desk. Just because I was so relaxed. (I don't want you to think that a mouse running around my feet was the cause for my unprofessional position. How ridiculous. I'm not that kind of girl.)

Posted this information on facebook, and in return, my friend Brian posted this video and tagged me in it. Which is weird, because now it's listed under "videos of Patti" and I'm not actually IN the video. But it definitely rates as one of the funniest moments in my week (aside from a completely different moment of realizing that I had been decisively punk'd - but that's another story) and I'm posting it here for your enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

I discovered this video this week posted on someone else's Facebook. It was forefront in Brian's mind because our 4-year-old sat at my computer and played it repeatedly. Now she's running around the house humming "Eye of the Tiger." - Carey

Anonymous said...

Good one!

BUT! This would NOT induce me to buy this brand of cheese!!!