"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Monday, September 06, 2010

my quotidian life

If you have spent any time at all in this space, you have met my Famous Author Cousin. I've given her a great deal of attention here, only because her life is so much more interesting than mine, and I'll do anything to keep you reading my blog. If you haven't met her, just search "cousin" (down there, on the right, then go back to the top for the results). Trust me. She's all over this space. You'll love her.

In the spirit of that very same desperate bid to keep readers, I give you ... drumroll please ... my FAC's sister. My Wildly-Brilliant-Businesswoman-Cousin. She's funny, she's sarcastic (that's a positive thing) and she's terribly intelligent. I'm pretty sure her degree (degrees?) is in math. MATH!!! Ugh.

Like others in that same family, she also was brain-drained south of the border, to Silicon Valley, where she now calmly runs her own consulting business, appears in various publications as a Person To Whom One Should Pay Attention, and raises her two lovely daughters with her husband-whom-I've-actually-never-met. (And, come to think of it, why is that???)

Oh, but wait. That was an accurate description of my WBBC until several days ago.

NOW ... well NOW she and her family have just simply packed their bags and moved to the south of France for a year. Just for the experience of it.

I am soooo ... very ... jealous. In the nicest possible way. Because, like her sister, she also is friendly, funny and all-around awesome, so I can't hold any feelings of hostility against her. lordloveaduck, what am I supposed to DO with family members like this???

If you would like to follow my WBBC's year in the south of France, she's blogging it. That's right. She's a blogger too. It's over there, to the right ... "Kids and Castles". Or you can just click here. There is already a very lovely picture of the village in which they are living. It makes my street look rather quotidian.

(Please be impressed with my use of the word quotidian. It's all I have.)


Lorraine Walker said...

Love your blog, as always. And yes, I had to look up quotidian. Not at all what I thought it would be. You rock Patti!

Sheepdog said...

Oh, thanks for the new word.

You too are a "person to whom one should pay attention" even if you have not been published as such. ... but all of us here already know that.

Anonymous said...


Always find time to catch up on your blog; don't fret!

Will have to find time to look up quotidian, but not now, it's bedtime.

Have checked out wbbc's blog. And will do so again! Good for them!

Diane H. said...

"Quotidian" is a very complicated word for such a quotidian concept. (I had to look it up too - thanks for the link.)

I think someone with a rock star husband, who pastors the most interesting church in North American, and who visits Ukrainian orphanages is setting the bar WAY too high for the rest of us by calling their life quotidian.

But I graciously accept and thank you for all compliments. You must meet the husband sometime - he's not half bad.

(BTW, when I view your blog from France the navigation along the top is in French. Did you know you were so bilingual?)

Patti said...

Laughing...hi Diane! (readers: Diane is, of course, my WBBC)

I did NOT know I was bilingual, no. Although I do know how to say "please," "thank you," "hello," and "excuse me" in Russian. As well as "two beers". That last phrase isn't nearly so helpful as you might think, haha!