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Monday, September 27, 2010

mmm ... bacon ...

It's bacon-and-tomato season. I'm not ashamed to tell you that a few weeks ago, I bought a 5-lb box of bacon, wrapped it in sandwich-appropriate segments and threw it in the freezer. We're working through it with no problem at all.

Late last night, we headed over to a 24-hour grocery store to stock up on tomatoes and bread. We decided on a light rye this time. We also got milk, if that matters to you, and eggs. We looked at, and rejected, ice cream. Good for us.

This morning, Spike set the alarm a little bit earlier so that he could make himself a b-and-t sandwich before heading off to whatever roof he's working on today. It's my day off, but who can stay in bed when the smell of bacon is throughout the entire house?? So I got up to see him off. Wandered through the kitchen and leaned on the counter, staring at nothing in particular. When my eyes focused, I started to laugh. I was staring at the loaf of bread we had bought - emblazoned with the banner, "Easily digestible!"

Oh phew. Because THAT'S what's important to me as I consume my half of a 5-pound box of bacon.


Anonymous said...

As Homer Simpson would say . . . mmmmmmmmmm baaaaacon!!
We planted one tomato plant this summer. It went wild and took over its part of its garden with ease. That one plant was spewing copious amounts of tomatos. We couldn't give them away fast enough. People would see us coming with a bag of FREE tomatos and would lock their doors, shut their curtains and pretend no one was home. Sad really.
I love toasted bacon, tomato, and cheese sandwiches! Truely a beautiful thing. But I think this year I've had my fill. . . until next year that is.

vjc said...

Mmmm - my favorite time of year and my favorite sandwich, too. Also very good on sourdough bread. And also very digestible :).