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Friday, October 01, 2010

early in the downtown

I am at work early this morning.

Normally, I am one of those lucky people with a 9-5 job. (Well, 9-4:30, plus evening meetings, working at home, and all day Sundays.) Lucky, in that I live not far away. I can walk to work in 40 minutes. I can bus in 20. I can drive in 8. Commuting? I scoff. Bwahahaha.

Today, however, I came in early. Lots to do, and if no one knows I'm here, I get more done. So I was walking through the downtown core, which is really enjoyable in the cool early morning. Some people milling about, but no crowds. Coffee shop just opening. The air not yet filled with the fumes of a million cars.

A car pulled over, half a block down. As I neared it, a woman got out of the passenger side, probably being dropped off for work. Nothing noteworthy. But then a man popped out of the driver's side, and jauntily walked around the car to where she waited, a little self-conscious smile on her face. He stopped in front of her, put his hands gently on her shoulders, leaned over and kissed her. Not one of those gross, limbs intertwined, everlasting make-out sessions we all tend to ignore at the bus stops. Not particularly young people. Not particularly Beautiful People. This was a brief, wonderful, joyful surprise for anyone who happened to glance over there at the right second.

As I passed them, I heard him say, "Go get 'em, Gracie!"

That's a really nice way to start the day.


Dwayne said...

So very cool.

Anonymous said...



Sheepdog said...

I like seeing people who are happy to be with each other. It makes me smile.