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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

local flash mob

I know ... you will think I just posted this a few days ago.

But I didn't.

This one is LOCAL. In Welland, just down the highway from me. A mall I've been in.

And I cried.


You know what? I really, really would love it if I could be there sometime when this happens. Could someone please arrange that? I would even go to a mall ... which I rarely do ... but I would, I really WOULD, to be present when a Hallelujah Chorus flash mob appears.

If you hear of one ... you know where to find me.


Derbecker said...

I visited that mall on excusions from Pt. Colborne with my Grandmother as a kid...people all look the same, if a little surprised.

Patti said...

And isn't THAT disturbing, on some level!

Hi Derbecker ... you're new, I think ... gonna be checking out your blog.


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