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Monday, December 06, 2010

what to do on a Monday

Things to do today:
  • Begin Christmas shopping. Yes, that's what I said. Begin.
  • Watch this DVD that Spike picked up on a whim yesterday. Because British humour is the best humour of all.
  • Put up outside garland and lights. Because people are coming over for Christmas, so we really should....
  • Move not-enough-money from one account to almost-enough in another account for a whopping insurance bill coming due.
  • Contact Person Who Knows Things, so that I can pass on the information they give me to a former prof, who will then make an effort to get me into a course in January that is listed as full. This will allow me to return to crazy levels of busy. I've been only mostly busy since Ukraine. Feels weird.

Or ... I can hang out with Spike, drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace before he goes to work this afternoon. Mmmmmm. The down side of that is he takes the car with him, so that really puts a dent in Christmas shopping AFTER he goes to work. Still. It sounds the nicest, doesn't it?


Bob said...

please tell me you spent the day with Spike drinking hot chocolate & watching the Monte Python movie.

What a great way to waste a day off :)

Patti said...


I want to watch it by myself now (he's at work), but that's probably wrong....