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Friday, March 18, 2011

louie & j-blue

It's March Break. It's an important time for aunts and uncles. We get to hang out with people who are normally in school.

So does Louie. He was, of course, waiting happily for J-Blue to arrive. He had the couch made up with flannel sheets for her overnight comfort. He wanted to make a good first impression, you know, having never met her before.

She was busy hanging out with other people (she's in high demand) so she arrived last night a little later than expected.

But Louie didn't mind. Once she arrived, they made friends instantly.

No gaming. No killing of zombies, like with the Punk. Just some good old-fashioned squishy quality time.

Mill wasn't happy about being locked away. It's his own fault. If his life wasn't driven by the purpose of killing all other living beings, he would be allowed to hang out with us. But it is. So he can't.

So even when I let him out this morning, he just glared at me and kept to himself.

Apparently he did a little sheep-tipping before reconciling with Spike.

But it's all good. Louie doesn't mind being tipped from time to time. He knows he's loved.


spike & j-blue said...

Louie so does not suck!

Guinwalla said...

Thank you! That was SOOO fun!! I'll miss Louie, be sure to tell him that, too! <3 ILYL!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Guinwalla said...

-And Mill- well would you just die already? ..Love you too.... LOL!! <3 <3