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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pickling pastor

The truth is ... if I was in school this semester, there would be a whole lot of vegetables going to waste each week. But I'm not in school. And Spike's away a lot. So I've been experimenting, and can I just tell you - although I'm definitely a GOOD cook, I've never been a particularly ENTHUSIASTIC cook - but this summer has been fun. Mostly because I'm a VERY enthusiastic eater, so ... all the vegetable experiments have left me (and on occasion, a few friends) quite satisfied.

Yesterday I even pickled some hot peppers.

That's right.

~ pastor patti proudly pickled piquant peppers ~

I also sold seashells by the seashore, but that's not as interesting.

So just for my own search purposes, later on, I'd like to note that on the weekend, even Spike enjoyed kohlrabi, zucchini (with tomatoes and garlic), potatoes with fresh dill, and of course (because Spike needs meat), a little bit of chicken sauteed in white wine with mushrooms.

And last night ... well last night my dinner was a beautiful thing.

That right there, my friends, is eggplant casserole - my first time cooking eggplant. I liked it, although I read other people's comments before I made it, and was glad I did. I added oregano and basil to make it a little tastier. In my opinion, some garlic wouldn't hurt either, but I tend to think garlic makes EVERYTHING better. Ooohhh, and you could sprinkle cheese on top at the end. More bread crumbs too. Still. I've eaten eggplant before, and didn't love it. THIS recipe ... worth making again.

On the bottom of the plate ... to the left ... is tabouli ... and on the right is cucumber raita. (How do you say raita? "RAY-ta"? "rah-YEE-ta"?) Both are recipes from the urban farmer, but I added tomatoes to the tabouli. Both so yummy.

And just to continue my crusty "not-a-food-blog" defiance, I'll also let you in on the fact that at the moment, I'm considering asking Spike for a Kindle for my upcoming birthday. I'm really waffling though. Between comments here and on Facebook, I've learned that some of you wonder how you ever lived without your Kindle. Others of you bought one, and went back to real books.

I'm wondering if it's going to be like an iPod. I had one of those. Didn't use it. Turns out I don't LIKE things in my ears, plus those little bud things don't STAY in my ears, so I'm that person on the bus swinging her arm around wildly to catch the thing that fell out of her ear and shove it back in, over and over again, all in an attempt to look hip and cool. Then it falls out of my ear again, wraps around a pole as I'm exiting the bus, and yanks my head backwards in an attempt to strangle me.

Besides, the iPod leaves me with the same sense as vacuuming, which I despise. I'm always sure I'm missing something while vacuuming. Something that is hidden by the roar of the vacuum. I know you all love your iPods. I don't.

After all that, the iPod broke. You can read about that here. (It's a far more entertaining post than this one, by the way.) Eventually my youngest nephew, the Bean, dug it out from under the dust bunnies and quietly fixed it, so I gave it to him.

I don't think he wants a Kindle though.

See? Not a food blog.


Anonymous said...

Your recipes sound yummy! I have also contemplated a Kindle, an iPad or a Blackberry Playbook. Still contemplating. I like my iPod but Imainly use it when I workout as it has my exercise/workout routines on it in video. I use my cell phone for listening to MP3's. When it comes to gadgetry there are too many choices. Kinda like food and recipes but I like food and recipes a LOT more!

Anonymous said...

Also considering an e-reader. But I want one that allows free downloads from the library and I'm not sure Kindle does.

Might want to check that out.

Especially perhaps from your institute-of-higher-learning library, even tho THAT wouldn't be free!

Bob said...

Since this is not a food blog I will not comment on the recipes.

I do love my Sony e-reader though.
Can't imagine going back to regular books.
I can download from the library in minutes & don't have to worry about remembering to return them on time :)