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Friday, September 23, 2011

oh right ... there's an election ...

I'm having a difficult time caring about the upcoming provincial election.

I will vote, of course. Voting matters to me. I've probably even made my decision, although to be honest - my vote is not going to make or break things in my riding. But still. Voting is important.

It's just ... this election really hasn't grabbed my attention. Am I the only one?

And then there's this.


As one single, solitary commenter said in response to this article ... "It's good that the important issues are being faced by the leaders and covered by the media."


Jack said...

That's where we are with this...got the voting cards, and was like, oh right, we gotta make sure we do that. It is important to vote but I don't know this year it hasn't been that much on our minds.

Bob said...

I think I have "election fatigue".

With this election following seemingly so quickly on the footsteps of the local & federal elections I'm just tired of politics & politicians.

Patti said...

Maybe that's what's happening with me too. Usually I care. But this time, it seems like I'm not hearing much of substance, and I'm seeing way too many attack ads on TV. Leaving me with a slightly nauseated "meh" reaction.

Anonymous said...

Really want another option, except it wouldn't be helpful..."none of the above".

chRistine said...

My issue is that I don't particularly like any of the candidates or their platforms. Or I do not have a clear understanding of what they are.

There's no YES or NO moment so far the in campaign.

D_Morrison said...

I care, I'm even fired up about a few things. As of course there are always things to get fired up about!

I think I'm just sort of less enegertic about this whole thing than I was about the previous election becuase of what Bob said, Election fatigue.

Also I don't have as much of a CLEAR cut choice as I did before. So, yea...im not as vocal nor as jumpy about this Either.