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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new label

I've been given a lot of labels over the years. Student. Musical Person. Pastor. Speaker. Canner. Gardener. Band wife. Reader. Blogger. Aunt-with-the-orange-hair. Nerd. Neighbour-that-hollers-at-squirrels-in-her-PJs.

But yesterday, Spike's GPS broke down. Again. In Kentucky.

Which is significantly inconvenient for a trucker on his way to Georgia.

So I went online to see what I could see. Scanned a few forums. Found a guy who claimed to be an expert on Rand McNally products, and had answered a lot of other people's questions. He seemed legit. But in order to ask him a question, I had to register on the actual site.

So I did. Was asked to choose a label for myself from a short list of possibilities. And now I have a new label, because on this website, no one cares about all my other labels. On this website, I'm known as ...

... wait for it ...

...  "Patti. Trucker Wife."

I'm going to need new business cards.

1 comment:

Janer said...

You'll have to adjust your resume too, should you ever need it...