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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Blogger changed things. Don't like it - can't fix it. Checked some forums, and it is agreed - none of us likes it - none of us can fix it.

So this blog address is redirecting you from "dot-com" to "dot-ca". Although maybe that's just if you're a reader in Canada, I'm not sure.

It means that the Twitter share gadget that I very carefully added - in HTML code, mind you - doesn't work. It shares to Twitter, yes. But it doesn't count the shares. As far as I can tell, it SHARES with the dot-ca address, but it COUNTS with the dot-com address, so the count stays at 0. I think (?) I have deleted it, because a never-changing count of 0 screams that no one is here, no one cares and this space is lame.

I prefer to believe otherwise.

Blogger has no help for this Twitter share issue that I can find, because Blogger belongs to Google, and Google doesn't acknowledge things outside itself.

Hey! Maybe Google owns the university!! That would explain a lot. But wait, no ... because the university's website search button is awful. And if Google does ANYTHING well, it's searching. Never mind.

In the process of checking into all that, I really considered changing the whole template. I do that from time to time. They have these funky dynamic views now with flipping pictures and moving parts, but honestly, they're a bit distracting for me. Plus I like the orange of this template.

So things may change further. I haven't decided. But if you come back some day, and it looks weird, don't go away.

I'm still me.

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