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Friday, June 15, 2012

an excellent leak

Do you remember the adventures of last week? In which our house did not blow up?

I know you do.

Yesterday, I noticed water below the brand new main line in. I could see it dripping down the pipe. I could see above the drip where the pipe was dry. I could not see where the drip was originating. I could, however, put my hand into the air space between the pipe and the wall and it would instantly be wet. And yet, although water often obeys the laws of gravity, there was no dripping happening above that space.

It confused me. I thought maybe there was an invisible wet spider web. But repeated attempts, in which a spider web would have been long obliterated, still left me with a wet hand. Every time.

I took pictures and mentioned it to my Dad, who gave me the rather obvious answer: "The leak is a tiny spray that you can't see."

He's a smart dude.

This morning I can see the spray. So I came up with this high-tech solution, below, and called the plumbers. For the record, the word "baby" did not enter the conversation. I now have a picture of a turtle in the bay on my phone, so I never, ever again will refer to complete strangers as "baby".

And here is my personal response to the whole thing.

And to the ever-so-helpful friend who has already pointed out to me that the verse I posted on my church's FB page this morning referred to "not worrying" and "being thankful all the live-long day" - I'm still laughing. I promise.

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