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Monday, June 18, 2012

a couple of hours at the beach

I take photos with my phone.

They're supposed to somehow go to my computer, whether through the cloud or old-fashioned syncing ("old-fashioned" is said tongue in cheek, FYI). I don't think they do go to my computer. If they do, I don't know where.

So I email the photos, one at a time, to my laptop, where I save them. Then I upload them here. It's incredibly tedious.

No it isn't.
It's a wondrous thing.
Some of us were alive before digital photos and wireless connections and all that stuff.
We paid MILLIONS of EXTRA GOLD DUBLOONS to get "doubles"
when our photos were developed
over the course of a week.

There. I've dated myself.

But this post is actually about Spike dating myself. He took me for breakfast on Saturday. And then he took me walking along the beach path in the east part of my city. And then he took me for ice cream. I got cookies and cream

At one point I chomped my tongue and thought it was bleeding. Turns out a little strawberry sherbet had made its way into the ice cream. Crisis averted.

At one point we sat down and created a video memory. Then we laughed like idiots.

Hello Spike.


Bob said...

Spike looks like he has "gone country" :)
Maybe its a truck drivin' thing.

I saw a Friendship Festival poster yesterday & noticed Blissed is playing on the 2nd - we will try & get down there if we can.

Since he's in the neighbourhood :)

Patti said...

Oh Bob. Not country. Do you hate Spike? LOL

It's a RAWK hat in the style of someone whose name I forget at this precise moment. This is what he has told me.

I didn't know Blissed was playing the Friendship Festival - I'm sure it'll be a great show. However, I probably should tell ya - Spike isn't playing with them anymore. Couldn't do trucking and band-ing at the same time. :(

Bob said...

apologize to Spike for me but sometimes the lines between rock & country get a little blurred

guess I won't worry about down to Fort Erie on Monday now :)

Patti said...

Ah, no worries. He'd agree on the blurry lines. ;)