"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Whenever somebody comments on any post in this space, I get a notification in my email. Because otherwise I would be checking for comments every other second. That can't be healthy.

Last night I got a notification that someone posted. I was all a-tingle until I realized it was a robot post. There's probably a more tech-savvy word, but by "robot post" I mean - when a generic comment is made that is obviously being made on a million different blogs, in the hopes that some poor soul will click back on the company that made the generic comment, and give them stunning amounts of business.

It's a post that usually says something like this - "Wow, this is my first visit here and you giving great information! Keep up the good work, for sure!" Yes, I know the word "are" is missing. It usually is, in these types of posts. Robots seem to have surprisingly poor grammar.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this rather transparent form of advertising was on an old post. None of you would ever see it. Even I wouldn't know it's there if I didn't have email notifications.

The robot commented there because it saw the phrase "mortgage renewal" in the post, presumably. And now it will likely comment on this one too, since the phrase "mortgage renewal" has now been used in this post twice.

So, if you live in the Vancouver area ... and you have a mortgage up for renewal ... and you don't mind working through a company that uses robots with questionable grammar ... take a look back at the comments in this post. (But do it at your own risk, because I definitely haven't checked them out. And I'm not gonna. For all I know, it's a computer-destroying virus. And I don't live in Vancouver. And I just renewed my mortgage. And I prefer my human mortgage broker over a robot.)

Lest other advertising robots are watching, this is a one-time offer,
because I'm cutting you some slack.

Don't push your luck.