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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

obvious priorities

During our most recent "incident" - because the word "pl*mb*ng" attracts spammers, and they're getting annoying - I noticed that the coffeemaker shut down. I assumed, obviously, that it had something to do with the nicking of the gas line, which caused every last thing in the house to be shut off by various emergency responders. Ever since that day, there have been quiet moments of uncertainty with the coffeemaker.

It's telling that not once did it occur to me that the coffeemaker itself might be the problem.

There were no other lingering problems in the house (except this brief leak), and yet I continued to remind myself that I really should call an electrician some time to check out the electrical plug that obviously wasn't working anymore, obviously as a result of the "incident". In my defense, the coffeemaker was only a year and a half old - its predecessor lasted well over ten years, in four different houses, two cities.

Last night, I concluded that the electrical socket had entirely given up. Decided to move the coffeemaker to a different spot on the counter in the morning. This is a big deal - whenever we move and unpack a kitchen, the coffeemaker is placed first - the positioning of everything else follows the coffeemaker's lead. In my kitchen, one does not simply "move" a coffeemaker.

But moving it was cheaper and easier than calling an electrician for the obviously faulty socket. So this morning, I leisurely went outside and watered the sod. Talked to my neighbour. Repositioned lawn sprinklers. Went back inside. Moved the coffeemaker to a completely random spot on the counter.

It didn't work.

At all.

It's telling that while for weeks I had put off calling an electrician for a suspected electrical problem, it took me less than 5 minutes to brush my teeth and head out for a new coffeemaker. Really exposes my priority list, doesn't it?

Goodbye old friend.

Hello new one.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the priorities.

Heather F. said...

Patti!! I want to reach through the computer screen, into the garbage can & retrieve that glass pot!!! You can use it for other things... a water/juice/lemonade pitcher, a watering can/jug, a planter for herbs, or whatever... many things could be done with it. Don't punish the glass pot for the poor performance of his team member!! I can hear his pleading - "please use me, I'm fine, & all yours Miss Patti".... okay, well I might be overstating things slightly, but I believe I've presented some viable options of re-use.... should he still be available in his plastic cell waiting for sentencing. Just saying. :)

Patti said...

@Heather ... Oh ... er ... um ... you're right of course.

But garbage day was Tuesday. :S