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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ya wanna buy a ... eggplant?

Who knew a black market for veggies existed??!!!

This year, a group of us has adopted one of the Hamilton Victory Gardens sites. HVG is a whole network of urban gardens, in which everything is donated, and all work is done by volunteers. Every single bit of produce is donated to local food banks.

Except perhaps 1 or 2 cherry tomatoes. I had to test them.

Wait - is this about me?? Oh no. First this, and now this. 
My carefully-woven web of food theft is all falling apart.

It's not about me?


Never mind.

Anyway, apparently someone is stealing from a few of the sites. I actually had people ask me at the start of the season - "What if someone steals the food?" My answer had been, "Well then, I presume they're hungry, which is kind of the point. It's not like there's a black market for veggies!!"

But apparently there is.

I can't even get outraged. It's too ridiculous. So I stand, figuratively speaking, hands on hips, eyebrows raised in an expression of disdain, lips sucked in disapprovingly, shaking my head slowly. I have one thing to say to the thieves - "Really? REALLY??"

Meanwhile, if you're buying fresh produce from a shady-looking character with a zucchini tucked into his jacket, maybe consider the source.


lailani said...

lol! I shouldn't laugh, but what else can you do! (Hands on hips, shking head). Who woulda thunk...

Verification word: pseed 29

maybe thief should plant some pea seeds and sell them for .29

Patti said...

Hey lailani - thanks for coming by! Verification word is hilarious, all things considered. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I do ... I hope some of the ill gotten booty hits the streets of Brantford .... mmmm cheap veggies


Patti said...

*gasp* RBH!!! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!! Now I'm shaking my head at you as well.