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Monday, August 27, 2012


I have Mondays off. Sundays can be a little manic, so I'm thrilled if a Monday involves little-to-no talking.

But today I happily got up to take Spike to work (40 minutes each way) at 4:30 AM. Minimal talking. Came home, went back to bed.

And then a plumber came at 8:30 AM, to finish up the paperwork from earlier this summer. Lots of talking. He showed me why my house makes earthquake sounds when I turn on the lawn sprinkler ... and how to fix it. I'll have to take pictures for you, whenever we get around to doing that.

I checked in for my fall course, and discovered that there is indeed an exam 6 days after I return from Ukraine. Which is good news. I was afraid the exam would be WHILE I was in Ukraine. Textbooks are on backorder. No talking at all.

Off to the chiropractor soon. Some talking. And then, maybe, a music store because Spike needs guitar strings AND he blew the bottom head out of his snare drum yesterday. He looks like Animal from the Muppets when he plays drums.

It makes me laugh.

Happy Monday to you.

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