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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

two things

First Thing

Something had to give.

One cannot keep adding things to one's life, as if one has an unending amount of time and energy.

So you've likely noticed that posts in this space have become quite sporadic. I started almost exactly six years ago, with this post. Six hundred and sixty-eight posts later - I might be done. Too much other stuff going on.

I'm probably not totally done. From time to time, something may pop up here, so you might want to follow by email (below, and to the right). But for the moment, if there's nothing new here and you're just dying to know what's happening in a running pastor's life - check in on Twitter. @PattiTheMiller

Second Thing

Just before you go ... my church was nominated for a Readers' Choice Award in our local newspaper. We're just a little-to-medium-sized church, but we've never been nominated, and we've been working hard at being a positive, active part of our community. We spent our summer Sunday nights growing vegetables for food banks, picking up garbage, giving out water bottles and supporting our local BBQ rib joint. It would make us smile if we won. To be honest, we're already smiling, as we have no idea who nominated us. And if we don't win, we won't lose our smile.

If you'd like to throw a vote our way, it's a one-time thing, and the deadline is October 1. You can vote here. You do have to give an email address, but you don't have to sign up for anything. We're in Category 31 - "Favourite Church/Temple" - and we are called "Crossfire". (You can choose whether or not you want to vote in the other 399 categories.)


If you leave a comment, I still get notified, FYI.

Meanwhile ... until I check in again ... thanks for hanging out with me in this space. It's been fun!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm new to your Blog Patti but have enjoyed them while it lasted ....

I am putting the R in brantford.

God Blast Ya

Anonymous said...

Totally fair Patti.

But I will grieve the loss...

(and check back often!)