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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

morning music

At one point during our trip, we had to get up and hit the road at 2:30 AM.

I'm a morning person. I like pre-dawn darkness.

But that, my friends, is not morning.

A few hours later, with darkness still covering the face of the earth, I was rocking in my chair, singing softly, "The sun will come out ... tomorrow ...." Because at that moment I had given up on any thought of the sun rising today.

Spike became concerned, and finally convinced me to go back to sleep, snuggled into a handy trucker bunk behind the driver's seat.

I missed sunrise altogether that day.


Later that week, Spike demonstrated another way to pass the long hours on the road:

chair dancing, with the music cranked.

Trucker Wife Tip of the Day:
Always have your camera ready.
You never know when Spike might start chair dancing.

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