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Saturday, July 20, 2013

gazillion dollar idea

You know that feeling when you wake up one morning and think, "THAT is BRILLIANT!!! Why has no one THOUGHT of this before??!!!"

No, me neither.

But my Incredibly Smart Mother has!!!

I told her she should IMMEDIATELY start the patent process (however that works) and call my agent to get representation (I don't have an agent. I have a secret agent. No I don't. I wish I did.). I told her she could get RICH from this idea.

She scoffed.

And cheerfully gave the whole idea away.

So I'm passing it on. You may use it freely. But if I find out you made scads of cash from it, from my Incredibly Smart Mother's idea, I am going to be vexed with you.

That's right. I said it. Vexed. And I will come and give you a piece of my polite, Canadian mind. I can be QUITE rant-y, when provoked. Consider yourself warned.

Ready? Here's the idea.

It is for those of you with a baby and a car. Because sometimes, tragically, babies get left in cars. And no one meant to. But it happens. And it's awful, especially in a heat wave like we've just had. My Incredibly Smart Mother's idea can help you.

First - you take a luggage tag and a baby rattle thingamajig. On the luggage tag, you write "YOU HAVE THE BABY". You can even make it pretty if you want. Attach it all together, and leave it on the car seat base which is always in the car.

And THEN, when the car seat and baby are IN the car, you move this wonder of an idea onto your gear shift in the front. You drive around for awhile, put the car in park, and as you do - you notice the tag, and remember - "YOU HAVE THE BABY".

That's it.

She's brilliant.

Even the newspaper said so.

Don't vex me, OK?

And does anyone know where I can find a secret agent?


Sue LR said...

wonderful idea! There are too many of these scqry stories! and too many tragedies.

Dwayne Milley said...

Maybe the dingo ate your baby............ The dingo ate your baby.

Never too much Seinfeld.

Dwayne Milley said...

Maybe the dingo ate your baby............ The dingo ate your baby.

Never too much Seinfeld.

Anonymous said...

Dwayne - I immediately knew the exact scene. And the exact tone of voice. "Never too much Seinfeld" - indeed!


Karen said...

What a wonderful idea. Too many times children and pets are left in cars and it should not be happening.