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Thursday, July 18, 2013

running pastor, revisited

Guess what?

I'm back to running. And oh baby, I am LOVING IT.

I started running several years ago. Bought a book to tell me how. Because that's what I do. I'm a reader. And I ran and ran. Like Forest Gump. Only not.

BUT - once I've learned something, I hate maintaining it. And it got to the point where I either had to take it up a notch or keep it where it was. And I had no time to take it up a notch. Keeping it where it was became boring.

Plus - spring allergies became seriously annoying. And then there's the bad air quality days. Or snow.

AND - I run alone. (Don't tell me there are groups - I know there are groups - I avoid them.) Slowly it just started feeling like maybe that was dumb, to run alone all the time, out in the 'hood and empty parks. When I die, I don't want people whispering, "WHAT was she THINKING?" at my funeral. Unless I was hang-gliding or something adventurous like that.

So I quit. Running, that is. I haven't gotten to hang-gliding yet.

But I missed it. And Spike knew it. For two years, he said, "Get a treadmill." I said, "No. Pfft. That's dumb. There's a PLANET out there. How STUPID to just run in place on some expensive machine when there's a PLANET out there. Sheesh. How high-maintenance do you think I am??!!"

So he bought me a treadmill. And to make me happy about it, he got it brand new, at less than half price. Because it's last year's model. And consumers are dumb. They think there's something wrong with last year's model. And he said it's my birthday present, so I HAD to let him buy it.

I. Love. It.

Oh golly, I love it. It blasts music or podcasts at me, so I get smarter while I run. It politely holds my water until I need it. The fan is made for a taller person, but I rigged it. At the end, it tells me what I accomplished. It goes up, and down, and around (not around), and I am, once again, addicted.

This morning I woke up exceptionally grumpy, with my head full of tangled up thoughts.

I didn't even make coffee.


I know. It's true.

I was shocked too.

Got on the treadmill, cranked "I Am A Wild Party" (I know it's lame - I don't care) and ran until the thoughts sorted themselves into manageable categories, and I got less grumpy.

Dear Spike: Have I mentioned that I adore you?!! Cuz I do!

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Heather Milne said...

That was awesomely written. Enjoyed it, put a smile on my face.