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Friday, January 17, 2014

more signs

Spike is a flatbed trucker, as I believe I have mentioned. Last week, he couldn't get home until Saturday, despite the usual deal he and his dispatcher have to get him home Fridays.

(The deal usually works. Every now and then it doesn't. Sigh.)

So Friday night found Spike at this place, right near the Kentucky Speedway. 

Apparently it has great food. http://www.hogwildpigcrazybbq.com/

It also has interesting signs, this one with the salt and pepper packets. 

Reminded me of this one we saw when we visited Alaska, several years ago. (For Alaska, see here, here and right here, which is my favourite.)

I took it on the run, because I was afraid of the owner of the pick-up truck it was on, so it's a little blurry. Can you make it out?

"God, Guns & Guts made America. Let's keep all three."

*shakes head in mild bewilderment* 

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BanjoSue said...

there are some strange signs here too, in Phoenix. We have a major dip in the road, on the way to Maureen's house. the sign? "Do not cross when flooded" It is so serious that there are actually Stupid driver Laws"--if you get your car flooded/stranded and call 911 for help, they will charge YOU for the service call!