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Monday, January 20, 2014

profs and cell phones

You may remember my friend who started as The Crusty Professor? We're friends now. We have fantastic conversations. One of the reasons we first connected was that after class one day, he needed to contact someone and had no cell phone. 

He's not a person who loves technology.

I'm in a new class now, since we're a few years after that fact. Today, as class began, my new prof looked around the classroom and explained that he needed a code for something technological in the classroom, and in order to get the code, he needed to call the number on the sign, but he didn't have a cell phone ….

So I loaned him mine. Apparently he's not a person who loves technology either.

Is this a common thing? What is it with profs and their aversion to cell phones?

At any rate, perhaps I'll have another friend by the time it's all done.

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