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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

superior stats


Not loving the statistics class, you guys. But ... I think I found the key. 

Stop trying to comprehend it. 

Just memorize the various bits.

Do the calculations.

Say a few sentences about the results.

The key is - I gotta stop trying to understand WHYYYYYY the calculations are so smug and sure of themselves. They just are. They were around loooong before I got here and will still be here loooong after I learn to speak Russian (which is a far-off goal of mine). No point in trying to defeat them. Just respectfully nod and acknowledge their supremacy. 

That's my strategy.

Whaddaya think?

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Ken said...

My stats course was very long ago, but I remember not doing all that well. But what various books and life has taught me since is that too many people just do the calculations without first checking that the data set (what the statistics are about) conforms to the assumptions that make the particular formula applicable. Too many wrong policies were the result of assuming a "normal distribution" when the actual data was self-similar. Knowing when to apply a formula (and when not to) is probably more important than understanding why the formula is what it is.