"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Friday, October 17, 2014

filler, with a hint of sarcasm

Sometimes, when I'm writing a paper, I use filler, just to get myself going.

This most recent one included the sentence, "This paper will argue something profound, with an impressive array of vocabulary."

Then I prayed intensely that I would remember to change that sentence into something ... else.

(Hmm, I wonder if I did?)


By the way, I saw this article the other day ... I liked it. And there was one sentence that I particularly  liked. It was this:


(Hello, are you ready? ... Yes?)

(Ok then.) 

Here it is. 

"Maybe we need to buy less stuff,
so we have more (money) to give."

Well, isn't THAT just a ridiculous thought, CRAZY talk is what THAT is. "Buy less stuff...." .... What does that even MEAN? I mean, who DOES that?

(You can hear that I'm being mildly sarcastic right? You heard that?)

We (in Canada) just finished saying how thankful and blessed and contented we all are, as we stuffed ourselves with turkey and apple pie. Christmas is coming, that season when we all spend ourselves into oblivion. Apparently we aren't sooooo very thankful that we couldn't do with a liiiiiiiittle more stuff. 

(Again with the sarcasm.)

Anyway. It's just a thought, mostly self-directed. Happy Outrage-Free Friday. 


"In this space, I will bring this post to an end with something witty that ties the whole thing together."


Unknown said...

This comment will be short & nod to a higher truth with a self-deprecating humourous twist at the end.

Hey...it works!

Janer said...

Love this, Patti. Aspire to live it sometimes successful at managing need over want and when I do, notice that others need more than I want.

Patti said...

Unknown - hehehe. It DOES, doesn't it?? I do it in my sermons too... lol.

Janer - you live it much better than many of us, IMHO. :)